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 Taljor Heavyfoot

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PostSubject: Taljor Heavyfoot   Taljor Heavyfoot Icon_minitimeTue Nov 20, 2007 10:00 am

Name: (Common Tongue) Taljor Heavyfoot

Original age: 24

Years in the Vale: not there yet

Gender: Male

Race: Minotaur

Height: 9'

Weight: 400 lbs

Hair: Entire body is covered with course black hair

Attire: When lounging: knee length cut offs (pants for human), other wise he is in his battle gear

Distinquishing features: Horns do not follow typical minotaur structure, instead of coming out from the side of the head and turn up, they turn down and flow with the face, but not causing a blind spot. They are ivory white, hued with redish tones from mid way to the tip. His eyes are a ghoustly white with a snake-like pupil.

Skills Aquired:
None at this time. Will update at a later time.

Vale Status: N/A
Original Universe: Planet Vernus (Fantacy)
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PostSubject: Re: Taljor Heavyfoot   Taljor Heavyfoot Icon_minitimeWed Jul 07, 2010 3:42 pm

Taljor's Current Skills are as follows:
Current Valian Skills:
*Enhanced Strength
*Enhanced Sight
*Enhanced Speed
*Enhanced Aural Senses

*Activated skill: Beast Taming - Communication
*Activated skill: Beast Taming - Predator
*Activated skill: Beast Taming - Divination

Taljor's Current Loot is as follows:

Taljor's Current Inventory is as follows:
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Taljor Heavyfoot
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