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 Epic Rap Battlage!

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Epic Rap Battlage! Empty
PostSubject: Epic Rap Battlage!   Epic Rap Battlage! Icon_minitimeFri May 31, 2019 7:49 am

Because Tiger's cell phone is about half a step more technologically advanced than a TI-82, he can watch "Wolverine vs Freddy Krueger" here!  Wink

Also, Peter and Lloyd just kicked off ERBoH's Season 6 less than a month ago, and they've already rolled out two videos!  It looks like the two-year hiatus got them rested up and revved up, eh?

...not that the previous five seasons aren't worth watching, of course!  Speaking of TI-82's...

...and speaking of computers...

Did somebody say "The Terminator"?

Weird Al Yankovic is freakin' everywhere!  Shocked


I miss Game of Thrones already.  How about you?  Sad

Hey, Wraith's a real-life chef!  So this one's for her.  Wink

And is it just me, or do women become surprisingly vicious when you pit them against each other?

Case in point:

...not that they don't cut men any slack, neither:


I prefer the episodes with one or more actual historical figures in the rap battle, and I love catching the historical references.  Speaking of which, this post needs more Russians in it!

...okay, this'll do it.  Smile

And because Pompey the Great flubbed that last one, let's bring on a more successful Roman leader to pick up his slack:

Okay, you can dig up more rap battles on your own.  Watch, listen, post and discuss!  Cool
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Epic Rap Battlage!
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