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 Game of Address Swaps

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The House of Ainsley
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PostSubject: Re: Game of Address Swaps   Game of Address Swaps - Page 3 Icon_minitimeFri Nov 24, 2017 12:20 am

So now, something to think about:  Let's say that you got into a new D&D campaign, and you had to create characters for yourself and for four other buddies.  So you incorporate five Game of Thrones characters into your campaign's adventuring party, suiting the Classes to each character as appropriate (ie. No making Tyrion Lannister a Wizard).  We'll assume that the Abilities fit the character (ie. No 8 in Strength for Gregor Clegane).  Which five GoT characters would you bring into your D&D party?

Lamentably, Game of Thrones is heavy on warrior types and not-so-heavy on spellcasters, so our front lines will probably be a bit on the beefy side...not that that has ever been a problem in D&D, mind you; surely we've all heard that online story about the very successful D&D party which consisted entirely of five Barbarians.  For my party, I'd like some interpersonal dynamics among the warriors, nothing too uncomfortable and party-breaking, but just enough to create some scathing dialogue here and there.  Relations with both the party's Cleric and the party's Rogue would also be nice.  So....

Ainsley's Dungeons & Thrones party (possibly to be refined as this topic progresses):

Barbarian:  Tormund Giantsbane
Fighter:  Sandor Clegane
Paladin:  Brienne of Tarth
Cleric:  Thoros of Myr
Rogue:  Arya Stark

I wanted to include Grey Worm (Fighter), Oberyn Martell (Fighter/Rogue, Fighter/Rogue/Assassin or maybe just a Fighter with high Dexterity), Yara Greyjoy (Fighter or Fighter/Rogue) and Tyene Sand (Rogue/Assassin) in the party, but there just wasn't room for them.  It was also tempting to toss in Beric Dondarrion (Fighter) as well, but heck, my party has enough of the Brotherhood without Banners already.  Ser Arthur Dayne (Fighter, possibly Fighter/Paladin if his remarkable battle prowess could be attributed to Divine ability instead of just a higher Level) might have worked, but he's just a bit anachronistic for my tastes.  Arya...well, she's not really Evil enough to be an Assassin, so she's just a Rogue who's really good with disguises; if you can fool an 80-year-old man's family into thinking that you're him without question, then you have some mad Disguise skills.  Brienne's the generic "Paladin serving the virtues and/or sworn oaths" type and not the "Paladin serving a particular god" type, so that's okay.  And Brienne did heal up from that vicious throwdown with Sandor rather quickly, didn't she?  Surely some healing powers would explain that.  Practically every D&D party involves a male character coming on to a female character (or vice-versa) at some point; ergo, Brienne + Tormund.  And if Tormund unloading on Rattleshirt wasn't a display of Barbarian Rage, then I don't know what is.  Wink

So which GoT characters would you bring into your five-character adventuring party, and why?
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Game of Address Swaps
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